Testing & Inspection Capabilities

At STS Aerospace, we pride ourselves on incorporating technology into our inspection methods. Our non-destructive evaluation (NDE) encompasses a variety of applications in which the product is examined and tested to ensure the precise quality parameters of your requirements are achieved. Those applications include:

  • Advanced digital borescope technology with the capabilities to inspect critical-weld integrity.
  • In-house certified metallurgical testing:
    • Weld and braze evaluation and qualification
    • Material evaluation, and
    • Alpha case for critical titanium evaluation
    • Micro evaluation of metallurgical features including grain size, alloying, micro hardness
    • Micro hardness and hardness check capability
    • Ultrasonic thickness check
  • XRF (X-Ray Fluorescent) spectrometers used at all sites to validate material composition and conformance to requirements.
  • Laser tube technology that uses customer data to validate bend profile of tubing and optimizes product quality by providing live feedback to equipment.
  • Laser scanning substantiation used to capture inspection requirements for complex, multi-surface sheet metals.
  • Standard inspection processes such as CMM that we use daily to inspect reverse-engineered fixtures and tooling used to verify assembly accuracy.

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