Flex-Rigid Hybrid Assemblies

Flexible Hose Fabrication + Precision Bending of Rigid Tubes = High Quality Flex-Rigid Assemblies

STS Aerospace combines vast experience in flexible hose fabrication and precision bending of rigid tubes to deliver high quality flex-rigid assemblies. These hybrid assemblies combining flex hose with multi-bend tubes are an STS Aerospace specialty and provide improved vibration dampening and greater ease of installation and maintenance than strictly rigid tubes. We can adapt flex hose to any rigid configuration, reducing connection points between flex and rigid elements and eliminating leak opportunities. Our assemblies support fuel, hydraulics, lubrication, gases, oxygen, and air in land-based turbines, commercial aircraft, and military and space applications.

For more information about how STS Aerospace can provide solutions for your fluid distribution needs through Flex-Rigid Hybrid Assemblies, please contact us.

Hybrid – Metal Hose

Hybrid - Metal Hose

Metal hose assembly, multi-bend 90 degrees, with silver plated nuts on one end and corrosion-resistant steel (CRES) anti-gall nuts on opposite end.

Hybrid – Complex

S245 Series size 16 metal hose with multi-bend flared hybrid part.

Hybrid – Complex

240 Series (high pressure) flexible hose to rigid hybrid fuel manifold with molded silicon fire-resistant sleeve.