Flexible Hoses

Offering PTFE Hoses in a Variety of Configurations

STS Aerospace offers PTFE hoses in a variety of configurations. Our hose inner core is available in smooth bore and convoluted, conductive (Carbon black added) and non-conductive. We offer a variety of wire braid hose with standard reinforcement, with specialty materials available. We also offer RTPE-covered hose for chafe resistance and silicone-covered hose for heat and fire resistance. Alternate braid materials include Nomex-braided convoluted hose and Kevlar-braided high-pressure smooth bore hose. We also provide an Annular Metallic Convoluted (Metal) hose, meeting the stringent requirements of AS1424 type 2.

Flexible Hose Solutions

Smooth Bore

As the innovator in PTFE hose technology, we have pioneered the production and utilization of smooth bore PTFE hose throughout a wide spectrum of demanding aerospace, automotive and industrial applications. Our broad range of smooth bore PTFE hoses includes numerous products qualified for low, medium, and high pressures, braided with either CRES or para-aramid. To review a particular product qualification, please refer to the pull-down menu.


We offer metallic and Nomex-reinforced convoluted PTFE conductive hose assemblies to meet various aerospace and commercial requirements. We also offer a convoluted product that meets AS620 and can include various sleeve types as required. If your need falls outside of AS620, our product may be customized to fit that need.

Annular Metallic Convoluted

We have a rich history of producing metal-braided hose assemblies that dates back over 100 years. Our metal hose is designed to comply with the stringent requirements of AS1424 type 2 (annular convolutions) for classes S (CRES type 321) and N (Nickel type 625) in most sizes. If your requirements fall outside of the AS1424 window, our technical team is more than willing to work with you on developing a test plan to satisfy your application need.

180/130 Series
370 Series
240 Series
480 Series
S145/245 Series
500 Series
180/130 Series

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Product Offerings

Source Controlled

Source Controlled

With our extensive years of experience, we can perform a build-to-print service to meet your specific requirements. Our technical team can also customize to include multi-bend rigid tubing sections to meet specific routing needs. This product can also include various outer abrasion sleeves and fire protection sleeves as required.



We offer both metallic and Para Aramid (Kevlar) reinforced smoothbore PTFE conductive hose assemblies to meet a multitude of aerospace and commercial standards. Our smoothbore conductive hose assemblies have been subjected to and comply with numerous Aerospace standards ranging from low to high pressure applications.



Our broad range of customer connections has positioned STS Aerospace in multiple markets as the leader in efficiently meeting customer needs. We work with our customers to understand their exact configurations, requirements and applications. Customers can easily view our hose offerings via our catalog, website, or by requesting a quote. Our sales and technical teams look forward to helping with your future product needs.