Service & Solutions Above All

World-Leading Provider of Reliable, Top-Quality Products for Fluid Conveyance

We are a world-leading provider of reliable, top-quality products for fluid conveyance, serving commercial and military aircraft and the energy, space and marine industries. The depth and breadth of our engineering expertise enables us to design, build and customize fixtures and tooling that will meet the needs and solve the problems you are experiencing now and prevent issues from emerging in the future.

Our Relentless Focus on You, the Customer

We know we have succeeded when you succeed and it’s that philosophy that drives our service and solutions-focused culture. Rooted in our distinguished history, our culture inspires our teams to be their best. Being our best includes being flexible, responding immediately to your needs and sprinting the extra mile to ensure we’ve got you covered. By creating this winning culture, we’ve established what separates us and makes us unique, but more importantly how we strive to succeed so you succeed.

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Our Multi-Pronged Approach to Achieving Your Success

Our strategy is to integrate our people, our processes and our products to provide service and solutions above all and facilitate your success.

Our People

We find that ordinary people can do extraordinary things when you take the inherent strengths they have and align them with company needs. Doing so allows employees to enjoy what they do, and when they enjoy what they are doing, they are successful at it and delivering their best to serve the customer.

Our Processes

Controlling processes (as we do with our focus on supply chain management) creates predictability with performance and outcomes, enabling us to deliver the right product at the right time and with impeccable quality at a reasonable price.

Our Products

Our solutions are created for one reason only—to meet your needs. By continuously creating and optimizing our solutions, we expand our portfolio of products for meeting the ever-changing demands in quality and performance that will help you win the next contract.