Overhaul & Repair

Your Overhaul and Repair Solution for Over 30 Years

Lewis & Saunders, our overhaul and repair station, is a dedicated Part 145, FAA/EASA/CAAC-certified repair and overhaul facility for tubes, ducts, manifolds and flexible hose assemblies, offering both standard OEM repairs and customized DER solutions.

Our In-House DER Services

In-house DER services are tailored to meet customer requirements and allows us to offer industry-leading custom repair solutions for flexible and flex-rigid assemblies, providing a can be a very cost-effective alternative to expensive parts replacement.

Our Partnership with OEM Organizations

Our partnership with OEM organizations that design and supply fluid conveyance assemblies allows for vertical integration regarding tooling, process development and supply chain optimization. The STS-Aero organizations are world leaders in the design and supply of rigid tubes, ducts and manifolds, as well as flexible and flex-rigid hose assemblies, and we excel in delivering fluid management solutions for the aerospace, space and defense industries, with operating plants in the U.S., France and India.

Overhaul & Repair