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You can count on us to provide innovation with a passion, reliable and secure performance, and 24/7 responsiveness. More importantly, we go above and beyond by putting ourselves in your shoes—taking a closer look at what’s working, finding what problems may exist and proactively bringing solutions for avoiding issues that could arise down the road. Our number one goal is making your job easier by recognizing what you need before you do.

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Blue Origin

STS Aerospace, Being a Part of the Solution
When a customer comes to us with an extraordinary request, STS Aerospace doesn’t turn their back and wish them good luck; we rally the team together to find a solution. It is a privilege to be chosen for such opportunities and our strength to execute under great pressure.

Blue Origin Testimonial
“The 10 hoses arrived and have been received at Blue. You have made a number of people very happy at Blue for the expedited delivery. This will make the next milestone of a very visible program to be completed well within the demand and move the entire project closer to its completion. You have gone above and beyond with your great work to support these hoses.”

Blue Origin

Our Products & Services

We provide our customers with complete fluid transfer solutions in PTEE flexible, rigid or flex-rigid hybrid assemblies. STS Aerospace leads the world in producing superior flexible hose and complex rigid assemblies and providing certified overhaul and repair capabilities.

Rigid Tubing

With a rich history of rigid tube bending and coiling dating to 1913, we have evolved in all aspects of precision bending and tube fabrication to become the world leading provider of rigid tubes for the aerospace industry. We excel in working with titanium, CRES, or Inconel and we are Nadcap-accredited for welding (orbital and manual) and brazing (furnace, induction, and torch). Read more...

Flexible Hoses

We provide PTFE hoses in a variety of configurations and composite materials. The inner core is offered in smooth bore or lightweight and flexible convoluted, both of which are available in conductive or non-conductive configurations. RTPE-covered hoses are offered for chafe resistance while silicone-covered hoses are available for heat and fire resistance. Read more...

Flex-Rigid Hybrid Assemblies

We combine our vast experience in fabricating flexible hoses and precision bending of rigid tubes to deliver exceptional quality flex-rigid assemblies, providing improved vibration dampening, ease of installation, and maintenance over completely rigid tubes. We can adapt a flex hose to any rigid configuration, reducing connection points between flex and rigid elements and eliminating leak opportunities. Read more...

Overhaul & Repair Capabilities

With more than 90 years’ OEM experience and 25 years’ overhaul and repair expertise, we provide certified, world-leading overhaul and repair of rigid tubes, manifolds, ducts and flexible hose assemblies for the aerospace industry. We strive to meet customers’ turn-around-time requirements, helping them realize substantial savings and reduced lead times without sacrificing quality. Read more...

Looking for a Great Place to Work?

We’re always on the hunt for uniquely talented individuals to join our exceptionally driven team. We offer rewarding benefits, an engaging work environment, and a friendly and supportive company culture of professionals who are fueled by pride in the products we manufacture.

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